“Doing a test to change my costing was a huge help in figuring out where we actually stand. The time Angus’ team spent going through my data and making changes helped me solve some issues I didn’t think possible.”




Jeffrey Spiegel, SOS Extreme Comfort, NY

“Thanks Angus’ team for the monthly insights. It is a huge help as I don’t always have time to pay close enough attention to the issues. Now that I know someone else is watching as well it helps me get them more quickly.”



Steve Ohl, RF Ohl Oil, Pennsylvania

Looking at the BRITE dashboard is part of my daily routine; within five minutes I know exactly where my business is. I can hone in on profits, examine my daily margins, and examine customer gains and losses, among so many other things! I could not imagine running my business without BRITE and I never see a day that my company would not use it.


BRITE provides me with the views of my actual volumes and margins daily, calculated my variances to budget, month-to-date.  I am now able to make operational and targeted margin adjustments to meet my goals, where and when needed.


Implementation is a breeze. Provide basic information and everything else is taken care of by the BRITE staff behind the scenes.  So much information at our fingertips. Analytic brilliance!

Clayton Cook, United LandMark Propane, Ohio

With BRITE, I can correct small problems before they become big ones. Every morning I can log on to my computer and know in a very short amount of time whether that day I’m going to have to solve a problem or whether I’ll be able to play 18 holes of golf. It’s a good way to start the day.



BRITE gives me a detailed overview of my company’s health in just a few minutes. Knowing how my company is doing at any time enables me to correct any problems as they are happening instead of after the fact.


Mike Stoughton, The MACK Services Group

“Every day when I open my BRITE dashboard, in 30 seconds I am able to see an executive view of our business performance. I can quickly get to the root of any issues I need to focus on and can spend my time implementing solutions instead of searching for data. The information that BRITE displays enables me to see trends as they pertain to customer gains and losses and react accordingly. Additionally, BRITE provides historical data that allows for increased service profitability based on customers’ needs and wants versus industry perceptions. BRITE’s customizable dashboard gives me the ability to select specific KPI’s to view and I can sort by the technician, job type or customer segment to better focus on areas of opportunity. Not only has BRITE made our business more profitable, any time I have a question or need help with anything, the BRITE support team is tremendous and very responsive to our specific needs.”



“By implementing BRITE, we realized where our focus should be. Our CSR’s began using accurate reason codes for customer gains and losses, this enabled us to make better marketing decisions. Our strategies and campaigns had better results and we minimized spend. And for the first time, we knew exactly why customers were leaving instead of going off instincts.

BRITE also allowed us to track margins every day so even when degree days were off, our margins were not. We’ve eliminated unnecessary service plans and have successfully transferred hundreds of customers from new installation warranties to full 2-year service contracts. Because of BRITE, we’ve hit company goals and budgets and were able to celebrate success company-wide. BRITE enables us to make confident business decisions daily.”


Bob Long, Jr., Long Energy

“Using Brite Analytics definitely helped bring information we’ve been looking for to the forefront.  It really is eye-opening.  It helps in all aspects of the business-Service, Delivery, Financial.  Within days of using it we were able to make changes to improve efficiencies.  This is one of the programs out there that actually does what it says it will!”


Tiffany Bachman, Manager of IT Systems, Santa Energy

“When I think of the ways that BRITE has positively affected our business, several factors immediately jump to mind. This first is simply how user-friendly it is. With the ability to give numerous employees across different divisions the ability to view the dashboard, eliminating steep learning curves and having a tool that is easy to use is paramount. BRITE presents information in a way that is universally simple and easy to understand making it valuable for employees at every level of our organization. Additionally, customizable dashboards allow our management team to display only the information that pertains to their department. This information is both real time and relevant facilitating profitable, proactive decisions. Ultimately BRITE’s benefits far outweigh its cost and we are extremely happy with our decision to implement this technology across our organization.”